TAZA LEATHER - Soulfully Crafted Leather Goods

         Josue Leonardo

         Originally from Mexico city, I moved to Florida in 2001. During my college years I lived in New York. It is here where my curiosity for visual arts and design grew. One summer I was walking around my local flea market in Florida and saw this old man making leather wallets out of an alligator skin locally hunted. I started asking questions about the leather crafting process and my curiosity piqued. From here I bought a piece of leather, and asked the old man to borrow some tools. I fell in love with leather and the the leather working process. To me leather is an extremely sophisticated material that can stimulate multiple senses at the same time with its’ beauty, smell and textures. This craft brings me a melancholic feeling because of the tradition in the craftsmanship of creating products in small batches and bespoke. Now, with more than half of decade of experience I feel proud to introduce my newest solo project, Taza Leather. My commitment to you is to soulfully craft leather goods in small batches and deliver them with excellence. We are offering a great collection of alligator skin wallets, belts and leather goods proudly designed and crafted in the USA.


         The Studio

         The studio has been put together consciously over the years. It has grown organically piece by piece, based on the real needs and challenges I face everyday while working on projects. Before adding new tools and machines I weigh the cost and the impact on the space it will occupy. This helps me to evaluate whether the purchase is a need or just a want. I apply these principles to every decision I make, not because it can’t be afforded, but because you deserve it. The same principles are applied when designing and acquiring our raw materials such as leather. You deserve excellent quality from a mindful source.


         The Store 

         Taza Leather’s goal in the near future is to sell directly through our website as well as other third party sites. In doing so, We will maximize the value delivered, enhance the experience and minimize the cost to you the consumer. Communications between you and Taza Leather will be efficiently answered as you can contact Taza Leather directly. Our promise to you is to design with honesty deliver with excellence and create the perfect product for you. I am excited for this new journey and I thank you for taking it with me.

Website: https://tazaleather.com
Instagram: @tazaleather