Top 10 Cannabis YouTube Channels to Follow in 2024

In the ever-evolving world of cannabis culture, staying informed and entertained is easier than ever with a plethora of YouTube channels dedicated to the subject. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newcomer, these channels provide valuable insights, reviews, tutorials, and a sense of community. Here, we present a comprehensive guide to the top cannabis YouTube channels to follow in 2024.


1. CustomGrow420

CustomGrow420, hosted by Joel Hradecky, is a staple in the cannabis community. Known for his high-energy reviews and entertaining content, Joel covers a wide range of topics, including strain reviews, product unboxings, and smoking challenges. His engaging personality and consistent uploads make CustomGrow420 a must-follow channel.

2. Strain Central

Joshua Young, the face behind Strain Central, offers a more laid-back and educational approach to cannabis content. He delves into strain reviews, cannabis news, and personal experiences, providing viewers with a well-rounded perspective on the industry. Joshua's thoughtful analysis and approachable demeanor make his channel highly informative and enjoyable.


3. That High Couple

That High Couple, hosted by Alice and Clark, brings a fun and relatable vibe to cannabis content. This dynamic duo shares their adventures in the cannabis world, from attending events to trying new products. Their channel is perfect for those looking for a mix of lifestyle content, reviews, and educational videos.


4. Silenced Hippie

Silenced Hippie, run by Sasha, offers a personal and cozy approach to cannabis content. Her channel features vlogs, smoke sessions, and discussions on mental health and cannabis. Sasha's candid and heartfelt videos provide a unique and comforting perspective, making her channel a favorite for many viewers.


5. The Cannabis Experts

For those seeking in-depth knowledge and professional insights, The Cannabis Experts is an invaluable resource. This channel features experts from various fields within the cannabis industry, offering educational content on cultivation, legislation, and medical use. Their detailed and informative videos are perfect for viewers looking to deepen their understanding of cannabis.


6. Pot Brothers at Law

Pot Brothers at Law, hosted by attorneys Marc and Craig Wasserman, focuses on the legal aspects of cannabis. Their channel provides crucial information on cannabis laws, legal rights, and practical advice for cannabis users. The Wasserman brothers' expertise and straightforward delivery make their channel a vital resource for anyone navigating the legal landscape of cannabis.


7. High Times TV

High Times TV is an extension of the iconic High Times magazine. This channel features a diverse array of content, from cultivation tips to celebrity interviews and event coverage. High Times TV is a comprehensive source for all things cannabis, appealing to a wide audience with its varied and high-quality content.


8. GreenBox Grown

GreenBox Grown, hosted by Dylan Osborn, is dedicated to home cultivation. Dylan provides step-by-step tutorials, product reviews, and troubleshooting tips for home growers. His practical advice and detailed guides make GreenBox Grown an essential channel for anyone interested in growing their own cannabis.


9. Coral Reefer

Coral Reefer, a longtime advocate and content creator, offers a blend of advocacy, education, and entertainment. Her channel features strain reviews, cannabis news, and activism updates, providing viewers with a well-rounded look at the cannabis industry. Coral's dedication to the cause and engaging content make her a standout creator.


10. The Weed Tube

The Weed Tube is a platform created by cannabis enthusiasts for cannabis enthusiasts, and its YouTube channel serves as an extension of this mission. The channel features content from various creators, covering everything from product reviews to educational series. The Weed Tube's diverse and community-driven content makes it a valuable resource for cannabis fans.


Following these channels will keep you updated with the latest trends, insights, and entertainment in the cannabis world. Each creator brings a unique perspective, ensuring there's something for everyone. Stay informed, stay entertained, and join the vibrant community of cannabis enthusiasts on YouTube.